Monday, May 11, 2009

My Beef With Meghan McCain

As a Conservative Republican Woman, my beef with Meghan McCain is not because she has a big juicy ass. I have always defended her curves and will continue to do so. It’s not because she supports gay marriage, tweets Perez Hilton, and is a “socially progressive” Republican. It’s not because Meghan has beef with Ann Coulter over an emotionally fueled argument over her Daddy. I have minor issues with Ann Coulter as well. My beef with her is not because I’m sexist. It’s not because of a gender gap or I’m bullying a little girl because Meghan and I share the same age bracket. It’s not because Meghan cusses, many girls of my generation do. My beef with Meghan is not because she’s a girl with strong opinions. I have absolutely no problem with her ideas and/or lack thereof.

My beef with Meghan McCain is she adds very little to the Republican party and attacks it from within with her own finely tuned blog version of friendly fire. The topics she writes about, specifically her latest blog about the GOP not being hip on sex, reaffirms the MSM’s lies that the Republicans are outdated. She writes exactly what a liberal Democrat journalist would write. There is absolutely nothing new, constructive, or refreshing about her opinions about the Republican party as a “young insider.” Meghan McCain has/had such an opportunity to use her cute looks, attitude, margaritas and famous last name for the good of the Republican party. Instead, she chose the dark side of the force because they have cookies and book deals. *sigh*

Also, this latest temper tantrum doesn't help.

H/T MT Pundit


jenniferwaite said...

Yeah, I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt at first. The same reason I feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky. She's 24 and 24 year olds are idiots. I was.

But she's gotten downright hostile. I'm convinced her motives are anything but sincere. Her claim to fame is being the anti-conservative conservative or something.

She's an embarrassment and I'm proud to say she's blocked me on twitter.

Steven said...

Good blog. I agree for the most part!

ninnuh said...

Jennifer, she blocked me on twitter too.