Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Colonel John Casey

One of my favorite conservative male characters on TV is Colonel John Casey from the show Chuck.

I think Wikipedia says it best: “Casey is a staunch gun rights advocate. He keeps a photo of former President Ronald Reagan in his apartment which he has a habit of saluting and addressing directly as "Sir" so is likely a Republican… He is gruff, straight-forward, cynical, and hard-edged, …often sarcastic and ironic, and rarely shows signs of caring for anything other than his job and country (and his bonsai tree)… a choir boy with perfect pitch, and dancing to 90's music (specifically Hanson's "MMMBop") while undercover as a DJ at Sarah's high school reunion. One of Casey's favorite movies is Steel Magnolias. He frequently responds to situations with monosyllabic grunts, which Chuck can recognize and has even numbered, and often tosses off one-liners reminiscent of cliche action films…Casey is also fond of quiche, a dish which he takes very seriously.”

I’ve grown to love his grunts, his loyalty, his target practice “Rogues Gallery” full of terrorists and enemies to the United States, his wit and sarcasm. He’s quirky, but nevertheless, an intensely hot conservative male. Bonus points: Adam Baldwin who plays John Casey, is a real life conservative and blogs for Big Hollywood.


Drew said...

Love John Casey... grunts and all.

ninnuh said...

Casey's grunts are manly man pants. ;)

jessica said...

John Casey, favorite Male Tv Character out there. Love the little grunts and faces he makes.