Friday, July 10, 2009

Mitt Romney: A Tale of Two Choices

By God, Willard Mitt Romney is a handsome fellow with dashing soap opera-like peppered gray hair. Some of my fellow conservatives had problems with him last election. However, I did not. One of their minor complaints? His change on abortion and whether or not he would truly be pro-life once in office. Our dearly loved Ronald Reagan did the same. I'm thinking it was a comfort that at least he was conflicted on the issue, which can not be said about President Obama. President Obama's record on abortion is consistently anti-fetus. He doesn't want his daughters "punished with a baby" and is spending our tax dollars, in a recession, to fund abortions overseas.

What I like most about Mitt Romney? His super dreamy eyes like Davy Jones... just kidding. No, I like that he seems very competent about the economy. Mitt Romney understands that spending and splurging doesn't get the country out of the recession unlike the current administration. As Frank J. from IMAO wrote, "When Michelle Obama was on Sesame Street, do you think the Count explained to her how spending doesn't reduce the deficit?" Who knows? In the end, Mitt might save us all ...I keed, of course.

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