Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life According to Meg Meg

I'm getting so very excited about the release of Meghan McCain's new book, when she will finally be recognized as one of the great Republican thinkers of our age. If I had to guess what Meghan McCain's book will look like, I'm thinking it will look similar to this.

The Foreword is by Perez Hilton with his clever photoshop pictures and drawings.

Chapter 1: Do You Know Who the F%&* I Am?

Chapter 2: Ann Coulter is the Great Satan Because She Doesn't Like My Daddy

Chapter 3: I Rock Because I Am the Only Republican in the World with a Homosexual Friend. Everyone Else is H8ters!!

Chapter 4: Michelle Malkin is Lame Because I Have More Twitter Followers

Chapter 5: I Like Sex and McRibs... Nom Nom Nom

Chapter 6: I'm "Edgy" Because I Criticize Republicans

Chapter 7: Sarah Palin... but Enough About Her... Let's Talk About Me

Chapter 8: The Older Republican Generation Who Have Fought Wars and Stuff... Should Be More Like Me To Win the Hearts of Liberals


Anonymous said...

Uh, you like totally forgot the chapter where MegMac tells Joe the Plumber that he's "a dumb@$$ who should stick to plumbing" - she said you can totally quote her on that.

Zo said...

Word! I'm really excited about the book too! I'll be leap froggin' over kids where her book will be featured in the kiddy section at Barn's and Nobles's to get me some!

Luvs ya bud!

ninnuh said...

Drew, actually, she would "quote" herself in her own book. Good call.

Zo, luvs ya too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. =)