Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ain’t No Party like a KRLA 870 Townhall 2009 Party?

I was at the KRLA 870 Townhall 2009 that had speakers Michael Medved, Dennis Miller, Dennis Prager, Kevin James and Larry Elder. It was like being Victoria Secret’s semi-annual sale with unlimited cash. All the conservative men and eye candy my eyes could see. But, the belle of the ball, or at least in my SNL alumni fanatic eyes, was Mr. Dennis Miller. The crowd inside the townhall meeting were very interactive. The kind of crowd that makes movie watching great or a sports game. I picture most of them yelling at the television or radio when they hear something that is false or pisses them off. I love that kind of passion, so it was a fun lively gathering to be a part of. There was one specific protestor, with stereotypical crazy hair, bad smell, wild eyes that had a sign that said Israel caused 9/11.

The panel was asked what scared them more than Halloween about this administration. Dennis Miller was lighthearted and said that he wasn’t scared because President Obama’s Administration has caused a backlash in this country with tea parties and whatnot. Miller said that the “proof is in the pudding” and that one can simply point to our economy and current status to show that liberalism and President Obama’s tactics are not working. However, Dennis Miller said that if conservatives don’t win in the 2010 elections that he will be “scared shitless” and socialism is here. Dennis Prager said that the problem is that when liberals are in office, we can never retract the social programs they put into place and essentially the damage is done even if we get a conservative in power for the next go round.

They were asked who their favorite columnists were and they couldn‘t name themselves or anyone on the panel (narcissism fail.) Larry Elder said Thomas Sowell, Dennis Miller said Mark Steyn and Dennis Prager said someone who is I’m sure a really great columnist but I didn’t hear because I was noticing what nice loafers Dennis Miller had on. Curse you… Attention Deficit Disorder!

Dennis Prager and Larry Elder mentioned that they were interested in running for office, specifically against Senator Barbara Boxer, but that Carly Fiorina is the most likely going to be the Republican who goes up against her. They mentioned the White House’s “war” with Fox News and Dennis Prager made an interesting observation. He said that it seemed like a good idea to the Obama Administration because they only talk amongst themselves. Meaning, Democrats get advice from fellow Democrats so everything seems like a good idea when everyone else is agreeing. Dennis Miller said that they picked on the wrong “straw man.” Miller said that Roger Ailes makes Rahm Emmanuel look like a lamaze instructor wearing a cup.

On that note, here is a picture of Dennis Miller, my sister Drew, and me.


James said...

Aw....nice photo-op! Looked like Dennis was having more fun than you two! It's good to have Dennis on our side.

Dittos, James!

Gory said...

I could not be more envious of you getting to meet Dennis Miller. Wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Fun times, like always with you sis! Btw...Charles Krauthammer was the other columnist :)

ninnuh said...

@James - Dennis Miller is so amazing! I've been a fan of his since Saturday Night Live.

@Gory - I'm sure there are some fun conservative Chicagonians (<-- don't know if that's a word) that get together?

@Drew - It was fun! Thanks for inviting me! I would have remembered Charles Krauthammer if it wasn't for Dennis Miller's loafers. :P

Left Coast Rebel said...

So jealous here, thanks for filling us in on your day. How did you acquire admission for this event?

ninnuh said...

Left Coast Rebel, my sister Drew bought tickets online. Next time there is an event like this, I'll let you know. =)

Left Coast Rebel said...

Ninnuh - I would appreciate that. I think that Larry Elder is my fav. of the group!