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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coincidence NOT

I stole this from her because I'm allowed to. >:)

From MrsDeadKen:

Earlier this year, Forbes compiled a list of the world’s most dangerous countries. Whenever I am presented with information, my mind instantly searches for patterns/connections… what do these countries have in common? After reading the Forbes list, I was curious about common themes in countries with other undesirable qualities, like poor standards of living, low life expectancy, high illiteracy rates, least amount of freedoms, etc. One of the most comprehensive studies on international liberty is conducted by Freedom House (see 2010 map/stats/info HERE). The two most common themes of the least desirable countries stood out like sore thumbs: totalitarianism and Islam.

What is the connection between Islam and totalitarian style governments like communism? Islam is geopolitical in nature, it encompasses and controls all facets of living: politics, finance, education, media, religion, etc. Totalitarian style governments, specifically those with state atheism, attempt to do the same. They are dangerous because they see no natural boundary to their ambitions. These ideologies control and manipulate their citizens, robbing them of individual liberties, especially freedom of religion, and specifically Judeo-Christian values. By ignoring these politically incorrect patterns, we are emboldening the enemies of liberty and thereby encouraging a more dangerous world.

As government expands, liberty retracts – this is NOT a coincidence.

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Those Voices Don't Speak for the Rest of Us


H/T: Dan Charles on Twitter

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