Friday, December 10, 2010

The Party of No

Beginning in summer 2011, the FDNY may begin charging a “crash tax.” The article states, “Starting next summer, the city plans to bill drivers in accidents that require an emergency response. The so-called “crash tax” works like this: A car fire or accident with injury would cost you $490. A car fire without injury, $415. And any vehicle accident without injury will run you $365... But under the plan, you’ll get charged even if the accident isn’t your fault.” (Emphasis mine)

I’m disturbed by this tax and it’s not because my state of California will most likely follow suit. One of the reasons is that once a tax is in place, it becomes easier to tax… just… a… little… bit… more. We have all seen the ridiculousness of the airlines and their fees. Want to board your flight early? Charge. Want to take your iPad? Charge. Want to have a seat assignment? Charge. Want to go to the restroom? Coin operated charge. Yes, really. Want to talk to an airport employee? Spirit Airlines considered having a fee for talking to an employee. It’s a slippery slope of fees to generate money.

Another issue I have is that this tax is generated from unfortunate circumstances rather than the logical privilege fees we have such as at the DMV, United States Postal Service and the horrible self-inflicted local Library fees. President George Washington knows what I’m talking about in library late fees. Where the privilege of driving and of mailing items to family and loved ones are reasonably charged fees, emergency services are paid for through taxes that fund fire and police departments. Our taxes already pay for these services and this “crash tax” is an unnecessary burden upon the citizens of New York. The Democrats have lovingly called Republicans the “Party of No.” In a way, we are the “Party of No.” No, we don’t want to be screwed over with ridiculous taxes that charge the innocent along with the guilty just to generate revenue for the Democrats’ out of control spending.

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